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10 Story Ideas for May and the Summer

As you ramp up your story ideas for your May calendar, here is a selection of high impact stories to help.  Some of these can be a quick turn idea for May and others can be considered for your summer planning.

1 - More pets are making their way onto airline flights…are they legit?  Emotional support from ducks and pigs?  Are they crowding out human passengers?  WINK TV outlines how to investigate this growing trend

2 - It’s the season for outdoor birthday parties for kids across the whole country. Would you allow your kids to play in those popular bounce houses - the ones that can easily blow over or even fly out of the yard?  A safety and security alert for your viewers in this Today Show report.

3 - Botox is not just a facial fix for middle aged Americans - millennials are in love with the 15 year old lifestyle drug. 

4 - We’re on the brink of the worst year ever for Lyme disease. How do you guard against the dangerous ticks?  Keep your family safe this summer.

5 - Walmart or Amazon? The big box giant is under attack from the digital giant. Who wins this war for your wallet?

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Turning Your Smartphone Into a Super Snackable Machine

The value of video, particularly short social mobile friendly videos that many call “snackables”, becomes clear as your team works across all platforms each day.

To help your team create these videos which are often consumed by smartphone users, you don’t have to look beyond the smartphone itself. As someone at the BBC described it, journalists need to go from their pocket where we keep our phones, to the pockets of today’s news consumers.

Today your smartphone is not just a high definition camera but also a video production tool and social media content creation platform. It also allows you to rethink how you cover stories, as lightweight gear that we always have with us, your team can be more nimble and less invasive in covering stories.

For these reasons leading news organizations are using smartphones to shoot, edit and share stories that connect them with their audiences around the world. From the BBC to ABC (from down under), journalists are beyond experimenting with mobile journalism, they are regularly producing stories using their smartphones that are intended for their audiences watching on smartphones.

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Hot Clips: April 2017

April comes with some new weather ideas, a traffic hit that comes and goes, and two digital posts built to take ownership of two viral stories...

First Alert Weather (WWBT, Richmond): cleanly embedding a First Alert Weather Day into the 7-Day forecast, with a bonus digital mention off the top too

The Weather Meter (KWCH, Witchita): watch the needle spin as it tracks upcoming weather events

United Fiasco FB Video (SBS World News, Australia): did you produce a social media version of this mega-viral video? Here's how one international news source treated it.

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Hot Clips: March 2017

Our March collection of Hot Clips is full of spots, a hot start to an AM show, and something we've never seen before from a station vehicle dashcam...

Jay Saves Lives (WAFB, Baton Rouge): a proof-of-performance spot showcasing a chief met focused on saving lives, not dressing the part

Kids Acting in Promo (WTVF, Nashville): with a building-boom causing a "Turf War" in Nashville, this spot stands-out thanks to two tiny actors

FB Live Sweeps Promo (WALB, Albany): a new example of a station using Facebook Live for a poll, as part of a targeted special report

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10 Quick Turn Story Ideas for February

Between winter weather for some, Oscars and Grammys for others, here are some TSR ideas to help you through February or into May…many of which have strong shareable digital components and could make for strong utility Facebook Live events.

How Safe is Your Taxi or Uber? - Beyond the driver know what you’re getting into when you rent a ride. From airbags to seatbelts and door safety WPVI reveals there’s more to be on alert for and make you think twice.

Uncertified smoke detectors - Is your fire alarm really safe? WAFB investigates just how safe you really are. Tips to make your viewers safer.

Radon dangers - How pervasive is this danger that has been around for decades? It’s one in 6 homes in New Jersey.

Sextortion - Online extortion is becoming one of the biggest dangers to kids online. Delve into the two main ways this is happening and concrete tips to make your kids safer.

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Hot Clips: February 2017

Our latest collection of Hot Clips from around the country comes with pure excitement from a meteorologist, a countdown clock, and a checkmark...

 "Verified" Stories (KPNX, Phoenix): putting the "Verify" label on certain stories within its newscast

Like It, Post It, Share It (WWBT, Richmond): getting the word-out about a missing child from the First Alert Center

Drought Relief Excitement (KGTV, San Diego): an authentic, excited reaction from the morning met to breaking weather news

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Super Bowl 2017 Coverage Strategies for Non-Game Carrying Stations

If you don’t have the Super Bowl, what options do you have against such a ratings juggernaut?  You can attack the day by being fully aware of the opportunities that the game gives any content creator.

Ignore or Attack
Your team can decide if you are simply going to ignore this planned breaking news event that is of such a magnitude, it changes the spending patterns and the waistlines of many of your viewers, or you can decide how to be part of the coverage and conversations and attack across all screens.  There are three phases that your team can compete around.  

Obviously, if your team is in the Super Bowl your planning will operate on a magnitude not spoken to in this document.  For ideas on how to cover your local NFL team if you are not carrying the game, speak to your SmithGeiger consultant. 

Before The Game
The lead up to the game is a weeklong plus set of breaking news stories.  You can use them to enhance the reputation of your station for owning breaking news and for your sports talent being the leading sports voices in your region.  You can also position yourself as the local breaking news leader in general and in particular with weather should that be a factor in your area in the hours leading up to the game.   If there is any weather in the region, be aware of the opportunities to do a live news cut in on air and on social/digital since the station carrying the pre-game will be reluctant to break in all day due to the advertising dollars that could be lost.  Attack by staffing so that you can do extended local news cut-ins if local breaking news or weather merits it.

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Super Bowl 2017 Coverate Strategies for FOX Affiliates

For Fox stations, the Super Bowl is a rare opportunity to create an a multiple day broadcast event.  Instead of thinking of the game as a several hours of programming from Fox on their air, leading Fox stations take the opportunity to create an experience that demands viewers watch and participate in the days leading up to and during the game an event that feels very much like the station is presenting the Super Bowl.

Super Reach
Think of the game as a chance to have a Super Reach of your station on all platforms over the course of a week.  Having the digital and social team join the conversation now can make sure that they have an hour by hour and minute by minute schedule for the game on all platforms.  We can grow your ratings but also your reach on social media and the reach of your website and apps if they are fully integrated into the experience we are offering the viewers.

Super Engagement
We should never assume that people will watch the game.  If the season so far has demonstrated one concern, it is that even live NFL games increasingly have to compete against other media on other platforms.  To have full engagement with the broadcast and tune in by even the most casual fan, we need to speak to three phases of engagement that we would like to create:

Anticipation:  Content on all screens that builds up interest in the teams, the players, the coaches and the cities involved in the big game.

Participation:  Content that is built in advance but is flexible enough to be posted as the national anthem is sung, as the fly over occurs,  game begins, during key plays, big scores, half time, trending topics, and the game ending.

Congratulation:  Content that is ready to go for the winning team, coach, MVP and others who had success during this game.  Your station can be part of the happy feelings of those whose favorite team won the game.

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Facebook Live Tips

While it may seem like it’s been around a lot longer Facebook LIVE for brands is barely a year old- debuting right before Christmas 2015. Already your audience is not only savvy about the platform they outright expect you will program on it for everything from local events to breaking news and big weather.  In this post you’ll get some ideas culled from some of the folks on the frontlines of how to make it work for them, day in and day out. 

Simply put- it’s going to get even bigger. We all know that Facebook wants it that way and the algorithm is set to prioritize Facebook LIVE events in your fans’ feeds. But, perhaps just like Facebook Messenger you could expect to see Facebook LIVE as its own separate app.

“Facebook Live will continue to evolve as a mechanism for immediate feedback. I think they’ll do some retooling to incorporate or spin off into a separate product the live voting features many of us have had success with in recent weeks”.  Glen Hale Executive Director of Digital Content at Raycom Media
Glen is talking about the many stations in the fall that started leveraging the platform to do more than provide live coverage of events.   Using a combination of software and some coding many stations developed content ideas for instant and ongoing real-time engagement on a topic. Select "Read the rest of entry" for examples and the rest of the blog post.

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Hot Clips: January 2017

Our first batch of Hot Clips in the New Year comes loaded with ideas on how to shake that holiday hangover, and leverage football's most-watched games...

Go Team (WBRC, Birmingham): wrapping-in weather, traffic and talent to get you going day or night

Eye on Everything (KNXV, Phoenix): a Live Desk that's a true working position, complete with cameras, sources, and feeds

Weather Whiplash (WXYZ, Detroit): a First 50 Seconds example loaded with urgency, power words, and overt showcasing

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