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Story Ideas: April 2016

We call these our let's-put-them-on-the-white-board considerations as you finalize and boost your May planning calendar...


Parents are being left in the dark about cancer-causing chemicals in their children’s car seats, even after companies are served with violation notices.


Most day care facilities are regulated by state agencies.  But religious day cares in six states face little to no regulation. Where does your state fall? 



They can save your life, but about 20% of automated external defibrilators aren't easy to find according to this investigation.


Now that police body cameras have been deployed for about a year in this market - and others - a check-up finds things aren't perfect and perhaps not worth the cost.

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Hot Clips: April 2016

Our latest round of Hot Clips from around the country...

EARLY PM POSITIONING (WBRC, Birmingham): using a hammer to overtly point out how things evolve between 5pm and 6pm 

TURN, SHOW & TELL (WINK, Fort Meyers): from the desk, with a clean walk, talk, show, tell and toss

BRIGHT SPOT (KMGH, Denver): a bright twist to the 7-Day forecast, highlighting the best day ahea

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Hot Clips: March 2016

A new month comes with a new set of examples from around the country...

STAYING NIMBLE (WBRC, Birmingham): what happens when severe weather threatens Super Tuesday coverage? Do this! 

SNOWCAST APP (WKBW, Buffalo): an on-air mention about an App that can predict how much snow you'll have... in your backyard 

FAST, FULL AM START (WBTV, Charlotte): the top of a 6am hour, filled with urgency, energy, and team

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Hot Clips: February 2016

A fab-five of February Hot Clips from around the country...

TRAFFIC SCROLL (WTOC, Savannah): a traffic reporter proves the value of live TV for real-time information

AM TEASE URGENCY (WRC, Washington DC): an end-of-A-block tease that doesn't let-up on new information or energy

TOUCH-SCREEN (KNXV, Phoenix): a new Live Desk example showcasing the value of a touch-screen during breaking news

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Story Ideas - February 2016

At the half-way mark in February, our SmithGeiger team offers 11 potential quick-turn stories from around the country to juice your promotional and planning calendars...


With billions of dollars up for grabs, this story exploded on social media and prompted tens of thousands of inquiries by viewers in this market.


Some states ban sex offenders from using social media, but this investigation reveals many are still online, and authorities aren't actively tracking them.


Tens of millions of people wear a Fitbit or similar technology, but the information it tracks can be used against you in court.

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What’s Our Story: Making or Breaking Broadcast in 2016

The term you hear is that “it’s all about the story you tell yourself.”

Sports psychologists, motivational speakers, and business-book writers use the term to inspire more positive thinking - assuming you have a positive story to tell.

What story are we telling ourselves in broadcasting in 2016? Here’s how one story goes:

News consumers - especially younger ones - are abandoning live TV news and moving to new platforms faster than we are; our stations (and networks) are stuck in an old paradigm with people who cannot react quickly enough to change and do not understand digital.

Let’s call this the “WE’RE ALL TOAST” story for broadcasting. (Kind of hate to write it down - but that’s how it sounds, sometimes).

Truth is: The growth of digital is dramatic and developing digital news products is essential, but there must be a way to tell ourselves a different story. Otherwise, we should all just go work for Google.

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It's Time to Get Real with VR in 2016

Everybody is picking this to be the breakthrough year for Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) technology. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas there are more than 40 AR or VR booths showing off the best and brightest new ideas, devices and experiences. Video games and Movies may be the obvious first content creators for VR but some in the News & Marketing Business are already getting real as well!

2015 was the year some journalists dabbled in VR and 2016 could be the year more jump in neck deep!

  • September ’15 – Frontline released their Heart of Ebola Outbreak Documentary
  • October ’15 – CNN broadcasts the Democratic Presidential Debates in VR to mixed reviews
  • November ’15 – NYT mails VR Google Cardboard headsets for their Free VR App allowing their subscribers to watch their magazine’s films
  • November ’15 – AP announces partnership with LA Times for five VR journalism projects
  • 2014 – Des Moines Register builds VR video on Farm Families for Oculus Rift

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Facebook Live

As you re-orient following the holidays ready to polish up and execute your 2016 news, marketing and digital strategies take note of the latest major change coming to your Facebook brand page. Facebook just made this announcement on widening your brand page capabilities by adding the LIVE component. If your page is not yet enabled it will be shortly.

For many stations and broadcast networks this live effort has existed for verified talent pages and many of you have experimented with it using both that and Twitter’s Periscope for community event coverage or behind the scenes during newscasts. Now, it’s time to evolve out of the experimental phase and recognize that the two primary networks, Facebook and Twitter, have erased any barriers that existed between broadcaster and consumer LIVE capabilities.

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Nielsen Viewer Assignment – Three Action Steps to Consider Right Now

Effective December 31, 2015 demographic data reported by Nielsen in all but the top 25 TV markets will be unaccredited. The move follows Nielsen's decision to drop paper diaries -- a nearly century-old measurement method -- for estimating the demographic composition of audiences in its 31 "set-metered" market ratings and all 154 diary only markets to begin using new, as-yet-unaccredited methods for calculating who is watching television. In place of the paper diaries, Nielsen has introduced a new method, a mathematical modeling technique that Nielsen calls “viewer assignment” that extrapolates audience estimates.

In a nutshell, the viewer assignment method mathematically models and ascribes audience estimates for non-people meter markets with data generated from its people meter sample. The new viewer assignment method is treating the behaviors of people in one sample -- the national people meter respondents -- in a way that is representative of viewers in non-people meter households. This new methodology is meant to derive demographic data for stations in smaller markets from larger local people-meter markets, some located far away.

We could use this space and reams of paper to discuss the pros and cons of this approach – but we won’t. Viewer Assignment is here and now the question is what does your station do about it.

Here are three key items and action steps your station needs to take now that Viewer Assignment is here.

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Winning Super Bowl 50 On All Screens

Winning Super Bowl 50 On All Screens

“We are putting the full weight of the company behind everything surrounding the game” Les Moonves

With the Super Bowl returning to CBS, as Mr. Moonves indicated in the above quote, a full team effort is underway. Starting Monday February 1st, CBS has announced it will have around the clock coverage of the Super Bowl on all CBS platforms from on air radio and TV to cable and digital.

The Super Bowl can also be an important opportunity for CBS stations to grow their audiences during this same time period and beyond.

There are three ambitions that a concrete three screen Super Bowl plan can help a station achieve:

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