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Story Ideas: January 2016

Suddenly it's January, and you've noticed your planning calendar is still recovering from the holidays. Our team at SmithGeiger has swept the country and offers these 10 story ideas


As the effects of the most severe El Nino in almost 20 years reverberate around the country, preparations are already under way for La Nina.


What did your kid unwrap this holiday season? Why some new Wi-Fi enabled toys come packed with new privacy concerns.


Why Facebook is sure that virtual reality is the next big thing, and how you can get your hands on the latest technology.

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HOT CLIPS: January 2016

We kick off the New Year with a fresh set of multi-platform Hot Clips from around the country...

WILD WEATHER (KNXV, Phoenix): a Facebook video wrapping-in UGC, the station's weather promise, and a little bit of fun.

STORM POP (WCVB, Boston): keeping viewer-safety front and center in this winter weather POP.

SCHOOL CLOSING JOY (WVEC, Hampton): maybe not for parents, but for kids, School Closings bring on big smiles.

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HOT CLIPS: December 2015

Our last set of Hot Clips for 2015 comes wrapped in a mixed bag of holiday cheer, weather, breaking news, and a very difficult story to promote...

PARIS TERROR INTERVIEW (VICE): sometimes less is more when pushing an exclusive interview about a tragic story  

FORECAST UPDATE (WRC, Washington): a quick bump-in two minutes before the main weather hit on a stormy day

BLUSTERY MORNING (WBRC, Birmingham): the AM anchors head outside just before the newscast to set the tone on Facebook

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Story Ideas: November 2015

Even with your November plan running on all cylinders, it never hurts to have a few additives ready to pour into the story engine.  Here are 10 potential quick-turn ideas collected by our team at SmithGeiger...


Be careful what you do with your used boarding passes.  Identity thieves love what they can find on them.


That hotel in-room lock-box certainly provides peace of mind.  But just how safe... are these safes?


If you thought those electronic odometers were tamper-proof, some drivers are quickly finding out that's far from the case.

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HOT CLIPS: November 2015

What will get an increasingly distracted viewer to look-up at the big-screen?  Our latest round of Hot Clips provides 5 potential examples... 

TEASING TWO-SCREENS (KSAZ, Phoenix): an in-studio tease using Facebook live

RIGHT NOW RE-BOOT (WESH, Orlando): using, bold urgent showcasing as a quick restart in the AM

VIRTUAL FLOODING (The Weather Channel): a new augmented reality example helping add perspective on flooding

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Keeping Stories Alive: Up or Out!

Do we get it? Just how quickly news gets distributed by multiple sources across multiple platforms? Yes, we know it but do we get it? Get just how fast a story—or at least its initial headline—gets old?

Do we get it? Just how quickly news gets distributed by multiple sources across multiple platforms? Yes, we know it but do we get it? Get just how fast a story—or at least its initial headline—gets old?

Not many get it; otherwise, we’d see much different behavior.

• A story from a network morning show would not run in a 4 p.m. newscast.
• A station’s news app would not have its first 10 stories be two hours or more old.
• A prime tease topical would not use the same headline from early news to sell a story.
• A late newscast would not have pacer stories that were merely a carry-over from early news.
• A morning newscast would not repeat secondary stories within a half hour of each other.
• A station would not act like they were premiering a “viral video” when it has 2 million views.

Enough with the “nots.” We were all taught it’s better to state things in the affirmative, so here goes:

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Facebook Tactics for Your Brand

By now you should be seeing the increasing importance of social media and Facebook in particular as a key component of your daily and rating book strategy. In the words of Share Rocket President Chris Kraft “Twitter alerts, Facebook converts” a clear message about its ability to get far more engagement, stickiness and overall loyalty from your fans. SmithGeiger research indicates that for many it has become as primary as your newscasts as their first source for news. The reach you can get from not only your brand but the aggregation of your talent along with your brand can often easily outdistance the reach from on-air topicals. So, as you gear up for November, here are a few tactics for your tool box:

Facebook recruit to view- A daily plan for every newscast by both your brand and each talent associated with the show. Stay away from overt “coming up at 5…” type language. Instead, both talent and the brand are best if the content is more native to platform language that accentuates the NOW or the effort going into a story that makes it unique “At 10 we have an entirely different story than the one you may have seen at 6…” At many stations this function is increasingly under the marketing department to work closely with both the brand and talent on the timing and tone of these that should generally post in the hour before air to give it time to surface in feeds. It makes good sense to integrate this with the topical efforts so there is brand congruity.

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Winter Weather: Top 5 Tactics

Here’s the deal Mr. & Ms. TV Meteorologist, they already know the numbers.  Mr. & Ms. Traffic anchor, they’re getting loads of information about the roads on Twitter.  Before they turn on the TV local TV news viewers know more than ever…especially during Winter Weather events. 

Unlike any Winter Weather coverage ever before in the history of time, the average consumer who needs information is finding that information in the palm of the hand and from their trusted sources on social media.

With that in mind here are the Top 5 Tactics for covering Winter Weather in 2015-16:

1.      Start Coverage Sooner Rather Than Later
SmithGeiger research shows local TV news viewers want an advanced warning of all severe weather.  Many local TV News Mets are reluctant to talk about the potential for storms more than 2 or 3 days out.  “What if it doesn’t hold together?”  Guess what?  Our consumers get it, (especially the young demo).  They know weather changes and therefore the forecast will change as well.  On all platforms, tell them about the chance for winter weather 5, 7 or even 9 days out.

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The Rise of Instagram

Instagram’s explosive growth has led many newsrooms to wonder what is the effort that they should make with this image sharing social platform.   The fundamental question: is it worth dedicating resources to maintaining a strong and consistent presence on this social media platform vs. other platforms that generate website visits?  Given that Instagram acts as a walled garden and doesn’t offer a direct link to other newsroom properties, many news organizations have shied away from making Instagram a big effort.   

SmithGeiger has dedicated significant resources to understanding this new world of “visual social” and how Instagram can help your team grow your reach, reputation, ratings and revenue.  

The Basics
The platform was one of many photo sharing applications created in 2010.  The elegance of the design elevated the appeal of Instagram which lead to the purchase by Facebook for a billion dollars.  Since the very first days the platform has been a favorite of teens and millennials (although the mobile first experience has widened its appeal considerably) with engagement with millions of images and billions of likes every day.  Four hundred million users gives Instagram an international audience that includes many mobile consumers in your market.

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Story Ideas - Oct 2015 you work to keep your planning calendar healthy and full headed into November, here are 10 stories from around the country designed to fit on at least one (or all) of your platforms...


Disordered Internet use is already treated as a serious problem in some parts of the world. Now, a small but growing number of people in the U.S. are seeking help in the form of treatment centers styled after substance abuse programs.


We've already heard a lot about the potential for a strong El Nino. But what exactly does this mean for your local market. Put your mets front and center, and even consider a 30-minute special.


Laser hair removal, Botox and chemical peels are now being done at medical spas instead of doctor’s offices. And as this industry grows, so do the numbers of injuries and lawsuits.

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