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HOT CLIPS: Sept-Oct 2015

Our latest round of Hot Clips comes equipped with ideas on video you might want to try on social media, teases, and even traffic...

ALTERNATE, ALTERNATE (WTOC, Savannah): upping the ante on the all-important alternate route during a traffic report

VIRTUAL STAND-UP (WXIA Atlanta): an investigative, show & tell stand-up shot in a virtual world

LIVE DESK BABY (WBRC, Birmingham): photog rushes exclusive video of a baby born at a gas station back to the newsroom, plays it on-air from the Live Desk position

LATE NEWS TEASE (WXYZ Detroit): embedding a pre-produced element inside an end-of-A-block tease 

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Are Your Fall Premiere Efforts "Pixel Perfect"?

The approach of Labor Day promises more than the end of summer time activities. It signals the beginning of the fall premieres. The audience has many choices not just in what programs they might watch but where and when they might watch them. For a successful fall for a TV station, the station leadership team needs to craft a three screen plan to build anticipation, help support audience conversations and generate audience participation around key prime time programs using all the screens the audience uses.

As stations plan fall promotional efforts, we can all learn from stations that make sure they are using every one of their 16:9 pixels on their main TV signal. While many of these promotional concepts are tried and true, being aggressive and consistent with one message across all dayparts using every pixel can help make sure audiences are aware and interested in new and returning programs. While radio, cable and digital out of home buys can be valuable parts of a station’s fall premiere schedule, in today’s challenging economic conditions, it is best to look to the platforms they control. These “owned” platforms include the station’s TV signal, digital platforms and social media accounts which when combined can create a strong sense that the station has something of importance on their air.

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HOT CLIPS: August 2015

By now you've most certainly heard your SmithGeiger consultant talk about the importance of Impact: making it matter (and memorable) for the viewer. This month our team offers up a series of Hot Clips centered on that coveted consumer...

WATCHING WITH YOU (CNN): the under-used and powerful line "you and I are watching this play-out together"

I DROVE BY IT (KSAZ Phoenix): 20-seconds in, this anchor proves he's a spring training fan and knows the local market well

WORDLE (KWCH Wichita): a different, very visual way to cover a big speech

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On-Air Earthquake: How Would You Respond?

Earthquakes are a part of life on the West Coast, but they're rarely captured during a live newscast. On Monday, August 17th, 5 local stations in the San Francisco DMA were on-air when a 4.0 temblor struck at 6:49a. It didn't cause any damage, but certainly prompted some interesting reactions.

We've assembled clips from each station: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

These kinds of events can be a producer's dream, or nightmare. How would you react?

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Back to School Story Ideas

As you plan your Back to School coverage, here's a quick list of some stories that can help build-out your newscasts or digital efforts...

  • Which schools are the safest and which have the greatest crime issues (a set of stats that each school district generates)
  • Which schools are the highest quality and which are struggling (a set of stats that each school district generates related to No Child Left Behind)
  • Which schools pay the most (based on average salaries of school teachers, superintendents and so on)
  • Which shots are needed (a back to school health review of what is needed for each district and new health concerns this year)

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Top 10: Back to School

Some of us may have dreaded going back to school after a summer of fun and flings.  But now all grown up and working in the media, we must learn to love it and own it (many parents already do!).  It's our first chance to reunite with consumers - especially those female viewers - who are getting back into routines, which is especially beneficial to the AM newscast.  As you work on a specific plan for your market, here's a top 10 list of ideas from our team at SmithGeiger...

  1. Calendar: build a master school schedule, post it, talk about it daily, and be sure everyone in the builing knows when each school district starts
  2. A-Team: be sure your mainline staff is not off during the 2-3 weeks when schools go back in session; showcase a full anchor and reporting team, especially in the AM 
  3. Weather: create school or district-specific graphics, like an hour-by-hour planner, to run on those key days and/or weeks; post those graphics to social media

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