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Hot Clips: November 2016

Our November round of Hot Clips brings a potpurri of examples from around the country, including stand-out showcasing techniques for the AM, weather, and digital components...

Local, Covering International (KOLD, Tucson): using a Live Center to capture urgency with an international story.

Future Radar Tease (WINK, Ft. Myers): using futurecast radar to concisely and impactfully tease the incoming weather system.

Live From a Boat (WECT, Wilmington): getting an on-the-water first hand look at flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

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Hot Clips: October 2016

Our October batch (or patch?) of Hot Clips comes with a strong sense of urgency and impact, including an anchor who is downright tired of budget stories...

I Haven't Seen What Happens (KNXV, Phoenix): the Live Desk anchor teases video that he hasn't even seen yet

It Makes My Face Numb (KUSA, Denver): an anchor begins a budget-related story by explaining how it makes him feel

Live Shot Kick-Started (WDBJ, Roanoke): it's late at night and there's a dark background, so how do you make this live shot at least memorable?

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Hot Clips: September 2016

September's selection of Hot Clips features recent on-air and promo examples from the flooding and tropical weather events in the Southeast...

Mr. WIllie Flooding (WAFB, Baton Rouge): identifying a key member of the community helping-out during this crisis.

Sheriff Validates Coverage (WAFB, Baton Rouge): a proof-of-performance flooding spot using audio from the Sheriff himself.

Storm Surge Demonstration (The Weather Channel): using augmented reality to help visualize a hurricane storm surge.

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Hot Clips: August 2016

This month's batch of Hot Clips is dedicated to the science of standing-out, both from a storytelling and showcasing point of view...

INVESTIGATIVE TABLE TURNING (KNXV, Phoenix): this reporter gives one organization a taste of its own medicine, infused with creative editing

SHAKE THE BLUR OFF (WCAU, Philadelphia): interacting with some simple effects inside of a stand-up

FB LIVE IMAGE SPOT (WRTV, Indianapolis): call it a "Social POP," with this station back-selling its Facebook Live benefits

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Hot Clips: July 2016

This month's Hot Clips showcase breaking, weather, and an investigation...

URGENCY + EMOTION (World News Tonight): the start of WNT in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shootings, offering a balance of new information and emotion

ID FRAUD STAND-UP (WXIA, Atlanta): a super-creative stand-up promoting an upcoming story on identity fraud

PRECISIONCAST (KRCR, Redding): how low can you go when it comes to zooming-in during your weathercast?

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Hot Clips: June 2016

This month's batch of Hot Clips helps highlight how we can use our tools, and a sense of transparency, in producing and promoting our newscasts...

CHOPPER ENROUTE (WTVF, Nashville): process storytelling using a chopper tail-camera, and overtly declaring it as the station's exclusive tool in the market

THIS IS WHY WE GO (CNN): covering the big story, from first phone call to the reporter live shot

CREATIVE STAND-UP (KMGH, Denver): a reporter stand-up thinking out of the box, while standing in it - literally

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Hot Clips: May 2016

Our May batch of Hot Clips comes loaded with all-platform production and showcasing techniques from around the country...

SUSTAINED URGENCY (WSB, Atlanta): a 5pm newscast loaded with urgency and "in the last few minutes"-type references

WEATHER ALERT (KNXV, Phoenix): combining NAT sound, big & bold showcasing, back-selling, and brand into a weather toss

ALERT CENTER TWITTER (WTOL, Toledo): a new Alert Center example showing the power of finding and presenting new video from various sources

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Hot Clips: April 2016

Our latest round of Hot Clips from around the country...

EARLY PM POSITIONING (WBRC, Birmingham): using a hammer to overtly point out how things evolve between 5pm and 6pm 

TURN, SHOW & TELL (WINK, Fort Meyers): from the desk, with a clean walk, talk, show, tell and toss

BRIGHT SPOT (KMGH, Denver): a bright twist to the 7-Day forecast, highlighting the best day ahea

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Hot Clips: March 2016

A new month comes with a new set of examples from around the country...

STAYING NIMBLE (WBRC, Birmingham): what happens when severe weather threatens Super Tuesday coverage? Do this! 

SNOWCAST APP (WKBW, Buffalo): an on-air mention about an App that can predict how much snow you'll have... in your backyard 

FAST, FULL AM START (WBTV, Charlotte): the top of a 6am hour, filled with urgency, energy, and team

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Hot Clips: February 2016

A fab-five of February Hot Clips from around the country...

TRAFFIC SCROLL (WTOC, Savannah): a traffic reporter proves the value of live TV for real-time information

AM TEASE URGENCY (WRC, Washington DC): an end-of-A-block tease that doesn't let-up on new information or energy

TOUCH-SCREEN (KNXV, Phoenix): a new Live Desk example showcasing the value of a touch-screen during breaking news

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