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HOT CLIPS: December 2015

Our last set of Hot Clips for 2015 comes wrapped in a mixed bag of holiday cheer, weather, breaking news, and a very difficult story to promote...

PARIS TERROR INTERVIEW (VICE): sometimes less is more when pushing an exclusive interview about a tragic story  

FORECAST UPDATE (WRC, Washington): a quick bump-in two minutes before the main weather hit on a stormy day

BLUSTERY MORNING (WBRC, Birmingham): the AM anchors head outside just before the newscast to set the tone on Facebook

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HOT CLIPS: November 2015

What will get an increasingly distracted viewer to look-up at the big-screen?  Our latest round of Hot Clips provides 5 potential examples... 

TEASING TWO-SCREENS (KSAZ, Phoenix): an in-studio tease using Facebook live

RIGHT NOW RE-BOOT (WESH, Orlando): using, bold urgent showcasing as a quick restart in the AM

VIRTUAL FLOODING (The Weather Channel): a new augmented reality example helping add perspective on flooding

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HOT CLIPS: Sept-Oct 2015

Our latest round of Hot Clips comes equipped with ideas on video you might want to try on social media, teases, and even traffic...

ALTERNATE, ALTERNATE (WTOC, Savannah): upping the ante on the all-important alternate route during a traffic report

VIRTUAL STAND-UP (WXIA Atlanta): an investigative, show & tell stand-up shot in a virtual world

LIVE DESK BABY (WBRC, Birmingham): photog rushes exclusive video of a baby born at a gas station back to the newsroom, plays it on-air from the Live Desk position

LATE NEWS TEASE (WXYZ Detroit): embedding a pre-produced element inside an end-of-A-block tease 

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HOT CLIPS: August 2015

By now you've most certainly heard your SmithGeiger consultant talk about the importance of Impact: making it matter (and memorable) for the viewer. This month our team offers up a series of Hot Clips centered on that coveted consumer...

WATCHING WITH YOU (CNN): the under-used and powerful line "you and I are watching this play-out together"

I DROVE BY IT (KSAZ Phoenix): 20-seconds in, this anchor proves he's a spring training fan and knows the local market well

WORDLE (KWCH Wichita): a different, very visual way to cover a big speech

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HOT CLIPS - July 2015

In keeping with our Back to School theme, here are this month's selection of Hot Clips from the SmithGeiger archives...

MORE IN THE MORNING (KCTV Kansas City): getting back into your morning routine with this team

GOOD STARTS HERE (WBZ Boston): minute-by-minute, transparent approach to the AM news

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HOT CLIPS - June 2015

No summer break for Hot Clips. And this month we focus on Weather and Traffic examples from around the country...

3D WEATHER (KNBC, Los Angeles): using augmented-reality to give an hourly forecast.

STUDIO TORNADO (Weather Channel): showing "the anatomy of a tornado" using The Lab, an augmented reality studio

RAIN SHOW & TELL (CBS DFW): an in-studio demonstration of just how much rain parts of Texas have received.

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HOT CLIPS: March 2015

We hope you enjoyed last month's debut of Hot Clips.  Let's keep the video rolling, with 5 updated examples for March...

Alert Center (WBTV Charlotte): similar to last month's Live Desk hot clip, here's a different market with different showcasing 

Morning POPical (KNXV Phoenix): an energetic way to market your AM newscast, using fresh highlights from that morning's show; a proof, image, and topical all in one

12-Pack Team Coverage (WRC Washington DC): showcasing a dozen reporters during a major snow event.


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HOT CLIPS: February 2015

It's certainly a favorite part of any consulting meeting: watching newscast examples from other markets.  And so, we debut SmithGeiger's Hot Clips, a monthly list of examples collected by our team from around the country.  Enjoy...

The Live Desk (KNXV Phoenix). A tool used by stations around the country. We especially like how in-the-moment and process-oriented this delivery is.

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