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Facebook Tactics for Your Brand

By now you should be seeing the increasing importance of social media and Facebook in particular as a key component of your daily and rating book strategy. In the words of Share Rocket President Chris Kraft “Twitter alerts, Facebook converts” a clear message about its ability to get far more engagement, stickiness and overall loyalty from your fans. SmithGeiger research indicates that for many it has become as primary as your newscasts as their first source for news. The reach you can get from not only your brand but the aggregation of your talent along with your brand can often easily outdistance the reach from on-air topicals. So, as you gear up for November, here are a few tactics for your tool box:

Facebook recruit to view- A daily plan for every newscast by both your brand and each talent associated with the show. Stay away from overt “coming up at 5…” type language. Instead, both talent and the brand are best if the content is more native to platform language that accentuates the NOW or the effort going into a story that makes it unique “At 10 we have an entirely different story than the one you may have seen at 6…” At many stations this function is increasingly under the marketing department to work closely with both the brand and talent on the timing and tone of these that should generally post in the hour before air to give it time to surface in feeds. It makes good sense to integrate this with the topical efforts so there is brand congruity.

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5 New Ways to Leverage Facebook

Keeping up with the Facebook do’s and don’ts, the algorithm tweaks and nuances and the seemingly never-ending changes, upgrades and associated app launches to the platform has become a full-time job for some people at stations these days. Facebook has recognized some of the increasing needs and challenges facing broadcasters and at least for the time being they have assembled a larger team to provide local news support for both station and talent pages. Part of the reason they are doing this is that Facebook wants your talent to have their sites “verified” so they can access the newest MENTIONS app and use that for posting.  

Heading up this effort is their strategic partnership team including Jason White and veteran journalist Liz Heron. They’ve brought aboard an internal operations specialist Reva Gaur and a small team of people to help you do a number of tasks that can otherwise seemingly take forever to get accomplished. This includes verifications which essentially lets fans know that the profile is authentic. You'll see a blue badge next to a verified Page or profile's name. These Pages and profiles may include anchors, celebrities and public figures in addition to your station page(s). They also help with user name changes, profile page migrations, imposter takedowns, page merges, access to Mentions, best practices updates and tool implementation.

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Facebook Topic, Timing, and Treatment

As you head into February two of your primary missions with Facebook should be to maximize engagement and effectively recruit to view. To get there you want to pay attention to the Three T’s: TOPIC, TIMING and TREATMENT.

TOPIC: Not all topics are created equal. Just because it’s in the newscast doesn’t mean it belongs on Facebook. If you spend even a moment digging around in Facebook insights you’ll likely notice what virtually every television station that carries news notices: 2/3 to 3/4 of your engagement is coming from women. While some of these will be your loyalists many will also be the often sought after female switchable - hungry for the latest news, always primed for new weather information and particularly sensitive to stories surrounding safety and security. Help them satisfy those needs by empowering them to SHARE vital information that can improve their community.

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