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Hot Clips: November 2017

Our November set of Hot Clips goes into 6-second-mode, finds a wild name for a weather vehicle, and brings out the best in some new sets...

BAM Storytelling (WINK, Fort Myers): a highly-coordinated, well-paced approach to storytelling using in-studio monitors and an active live shot

AM News Set Spot (WJAX, Jacksonville): non-stop steadycam action shows off this new set and energetically promotes the AM show

6-Second Spot (FOX): effective use of the much-talked-about 6-second ad placed in-content during the World Series

Weather Beast (KWGN, Denver): an insurgent name for a storm tracker vehicle, complete with a very visual 6am start

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Hot Clips: July 2017

Our latest set of Hot Clips aims to add some mid-summer sizzle to your all-platform efforts, starting with a stinging double-take from Vegas...

Double-Bee Live Shot (KTNV, Las Vegas): a two-part live shot in the same newscast (first part - second part) with a 360-Cam tease in the tag

The Big 6 at 6 (WBRC, Birmingham): a segment to stimulate an early-evening B-block with energy, pace, and hard news

Promo Rewind (WBTV, Charlotte): this station goes in reverse to prove what it takes to get the story right

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Hot Clips: Back to School Edition

Our ongoing collection of Back to School promotional and on-air clips...

AM PROMO (WXYZ, Detroit): creative animations and video tees-up the school year and morning team

POV SCHOOL PROMO (WRTV, Indianapolis): a unique, mobile point-of-view approach to a back to school promo

SCHOOL GRAPHICS (WSFA Montgomery): bring in the school bus and grade graphics, if you don't already use them regularly

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Hot Clips: June 2017

Can you beleive it's June?  Apparently newscasters can't.  With that, Summer '17 kicks off with 5 creative clips from around the country...

My Phone Talks Back (KUSA, Denver): a live tease where the reporter and his phone get into a... conversation?

YouTube Tease (WPTV, West Palm): a little creative-editing goes a long way to make this in-show tease stand-out from the rest

Ear-Catching Open (WAFB, Baton Rouge): using well-woven sound and writing to grab the viewer's attention at the top of this newscast

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Hot Clips: April 2017

April comes with some new weather ideas, a traffic hit that comes and goes, and two digital posts built to take ownership of two viral stories...

First Alert Weather (WWBT, Richmond): cleanly embedding a First Alert Weather Day into the 7-Day forecast, with a bonus digital mention off the top too

The Weather Meter (KWCH, Witchita): watch the needle spin as it tracks upcoming weather events

United Fiasco FB Video (SBS World News, Australia): did you produce a social media version of this mega-viral video? Here's how one international news source treated it.

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Hot Clips: March 2017

Our March collection of Hot Clips is full of spots, a hot start to an AM show, and something we've never seen before from a station vehicle dashcam...

Jay Saves Lives (WAFB, Baton Rouge): a proof-of-performance spot showcasing a chief met focused on saving lives, not dressing the part

Kids Acting in Promo (WTVF, Nashville): with a building-boom causing a "Turf War" in Nashville, this spot stands-out thanks to two tiny actors

FB Live Sweeps Promo (WALB, Albany): a new example of a station using Facebook Live for a poll, as part of a targeted special report

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Hot Clips: February 2017

Our latest collection of Hot Clips from around the country comes with pure excitement from a meteorologist, a countdown clock, and a checkmark...

 "Verified" Stories (KPNX, Phoenix): putting the "Verify" label on certain stories within its newscast

Like It, Post It, Share It (WWBT, Richmond): getting the word-out about a missing child from the First Alert Center

Drought Relief Excitement (KGTV, San Diego): an authentic, excited reaction from the morning met to breaking weather news

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Hot Clips: January 2017

Our first batch of Hot Clips in the New Year comes loaded with ideas on how to shake that holiday hangover, and leverage football's most-watched games...

Go Team (WBRC, Birmingham): wrapping-in weather, traffic and talent to get you going day or night

Eye on Everything (KNXV, Phoenix): a Live Desk that's a true working position, complete with cameras, sources, and feeds

Weather Whiplash (WXYZ, Detroit): a First 50 Seconds example loaded with urgency, power words, and overt showcasing

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Hot Clips: December 2016

As we race through the final month of 2016 (wait, how did that happen?), our latest round of Hot Clips helps you finish the year strong...

Drought Drama (WBRC, Birmingham): the AM weathercaster fronts a catchy spot teasing the station's Drought Special

Storm Tracker (WAFF, Huntsville): launching a weather vehicle with (do we dare say) sponsors mentioned in the promo

Defenders (KVUE, Austin): the latest investigative positioning leaning on family, your future, and trust

What's Next (WSPA, Spartanburg): a post-election spot looking forward, heavily-loaded with localized impact language

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Hot Clips: November 2016

Our November round of Hot Clips brings a potpurri of examples from around the country, including stand-out showcasing techniques for the AM, weather, and digital components...

Local, Covering International (KOLD, Tucson): using a Live Center to capture urgency with an international story.

Future Radar Tease (WINK, Ft. Myers): using futurecast radar to concisely and impactfully tease the incoming weather system.

Live From a Boat (WECT, Wilmington): getting an on-the-water first hand look at flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

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