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Hurricane Florence: Lessons Learned

The past week has been a harrowing time for many local broadcasters and the communities they serve. Preparing for Hurricane Florence paid off for many SmithGeiger clients all across the East Coast. The lessons they learned (and will learn over the coming days) are worth review. If your station covers Hurricanes, Tornadic Weather, Wildfires, Flooding, Blizzards, or Ice Storms, we think you can find value in reviewing the following with your Weather, News, Digital, & Marketing teams.

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Top 10 App Download Keys

1. Do a paid Facebook app download campaign.
2. Mention your weather app virtues specific to hurricane related needs. This could be weather content or hurricane prep content that you have.
3. Drive the app as being powered by your team of hurricane experts. Give them specific roles they have in supporting the app experience.
4. Give mets time in the newscasts to talk about the app. Consider creating short packages/long bumps that weather team members can reference.
5. Have the apps specifically mentioned in ALL hurricane related content.
6. Encourage your staff to say they have the app and are using it right now.
7. Do more promos on air, making sure it isn’t a generic app download campaign.
8. Tell the audience that hundreds or thousands have downloaded the app to have the very latest on the tracks of storms headed our way.
9. Proof your apps in newscasts and weather including any push notifications. Mention how you are going to have this capability to warn during a hurricane.
10. Track your app downloads and talk about the focus, the different responsibilities, and the reviews you are getting each day in the AM editorial meetings.

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6 Ways To Maximize Your Station's App Strategy

The value of a smart app strategy can’t be overlooked. When viewers download your station’s app, they are granting you access to their lives 24/7. You have the opportunity to engage with them at work, while they’re in the line at the grocery store and when they’re trying to figure out what to watch on television or what new website to visit. Access = opportunity.

So while users have granted you this prized access, how are you best taking advantage of it? Are you entertaining them? Informing them? Or just broadcasting to them?

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Holiday App Marketing

The value of the holidays in marketing apps is clear. The period from mid December through early January is, according to Apple, traditionally one of the most active in the app stores. During the holidays many people receive gifts of new mobile devices or iTunes/Google play gift cards. When each of those new phones, tablets or gift cards are activated, station apps can be top of mind, leading to downloads and daily activity.

The leader of the station app download effort, be it digital, news or promotion can establish the benchmark of where the app downloads and monthly active users for the family of station apps. With those numbers in mind, the station team can define new goals for growth in the weeks ahead. A strong six part plan can lead to a significant increase in app downloads and long term customer connections.

1. Look Like The Holidays
An easy starting point is to “decorate” your apps and app marketing experience with imagery and language that speaks to the holidays.

2. Leverage Your Station Inventory
Those images and promotional concepts can be offered across all platforms. Social media posts, social media ads, website ads, and promos on air can all be coordinated to give the maximum impact. With a drop in demand for TV inventory at some stations right after Christmas, there can often be an opportunity to leverage the station’s air time to help encourage downloads.

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