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Story Ideas For Sweeps

With November approaching, here are 10 story ideas you can produce in your market that also offer outstanding opportunities to engage your viewers on social media.

________ While Black - this is an opportunity to examine race relations in your market. Driving While Black would be a great TSR for stations. What does it look like in your market? Are there statistics you can gather that make it more of an investigative story than just a reaction piece? You could also do companion stories like Shopping While Black, etc. These stories are highly sharable.

Affordable Home Security Solutions - think it has to cost a fortune to protect your home? Think again. Learn about some affordable home security solutions.

Bounce House Hell - there are a number of fall festivals popping up that feature bounce houses. Just how safe are these?

Closing the Government Pay Gap - learn how one town narrowed the gap. How does your local government stack up?

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