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5 TSRs - October 2018

RING A BELL - A trend is sweeping its way across schools in America to start later to give kids more opportunity to get their sleep. The state of California has now banned schools from opening before 8:30. Do an audit of your school districts. Tee up some educators, sleep specialists, students, and parents to weigh in on-air and on Facebook LIVE.

FAKE CHECK SCAM - They look real and people are cashing them, so what’s the big deal? WLS in Chicago focuses on this growing trend that is apparently duping young people more and more. Banks are cashing them and then the recipient finds out they have to return the money. The BBB, FTC, the Postal Service, and likely those within your state government are involved trying to put an end to the trend.

BUS TRACKER - Now that the kids are back in school, how do you know where they are, when they leave home, and when they jump on the bus? There’s an app for that. If your bus company hasn’t made an app available, why not? Another way for busy parents to have a little more peace of mind.

ANGEL SHOT - Is that Tinder date not going so well? Is that guy next to you giving you the creeps? There are now new ways bartenders are stepping up to make sure you’re safe or need to leave the scene. Are your bars hip to the new “angel shot” system to keep women safe?

GASLIGHTING - You may have been a victim of “gaslighting” and didn’t even know it. It happens at work. It happens in relationships. It happens in politics. What is it? How can you spot the signs? How can you avoid being “gaslighted?”

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5 Takeaways from ONA

Here are five takeaways from the 2018 Online News Association annual conference in Austin, Sept. 13-15. I’ve been to 14 of the 19 conferences held since the organization formed in 2000 and I am already looking forward to the 20th edition next year in New Orleans.

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Hot Clips: October 2018

Our October Hot Clips show-off a slick web layout, social whip-around, and a fire-powered start to an evening newscast...

PrePro Power (WBRC, Birmingham): using a bit of pre-production to add some visual energy to the top of a 6pm show

On Scene (ABC News): a series of digital "whips" from reporters, featured on the Facebook Watch platform

Fueling Traffic (WINK, Ft. Myers): embedding a gas price mention into a local traffic report

One Nation, Divisible (Wall Street Journal): a compelling web layout, and striking article about major social shifts in small vs. big cities

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Hurricane Florence: Lessons Learned

The past week has been a harrowing time for many local broadcasters and the communities they serve. Preparing for Hurricane Florence paid off for many SmithGeiger clients all across the East Coast. The lessons they learned (and will learn over the coming days) are worth review. If your station covers Hurricanes, Tornadic Weather, Wildfires, Flooding, Blizzards, or Ice Storms, we think you can find value in reviewing the following with your Weather, News, Digital, & Marketing teams.

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Florence Hot Clips: September 2018

Need some inspiration covering your next severe weather event? Our September Hot Clips showcase various newscast opens from stations in and out of the path of Hurricane Florence...

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Top 10 App Download Keys

1. Do a paid Facebook app download campaign.
2. Mention your weather app virtues specific to hurricane related needs. This could be weather content or hurricane prep content that you have.
3. Drive the app as being powered by your team of hurricane experts. Give them specific roles they have in supporting the app experience.
4. Give mets time in the newscasts to talk about the app. Consider creating short packages/long bumps that weather team members can reference.
5. Have the apps specifically mentioned in ALL hurricane related content.
6. Encourage your staff to say they have the app and are using it right now.
7. Do more promos on air, making sure it isn’t a generic app download campaign.
8. Tell the audience that hundreds or thousands have downloaded the app to have the very latest on the tracks of storms headed our way.
9. Proof your apps in newscasts and weather including any push notifications. Mention how you are going to have this capability to warn during a hurricane.
10. Track your app downloads and talk about the focus, the different responsibilities, and the reviews you are getting each day in the AM editorial meetings.

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5 TSRs - August 2018

BRIDGE TO DISASTER - KSDK investigates the crumbling infrastructure that puts millions in jeopardy in a state near the bottom of the list when it comes to bridges. Where does your state or states stand? The bridge investigation is a data driven effort so here is a different take on how to tackle the story here from the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute.

PUPPY MILLS - Is your state one of those on the “Horrible Hundred” list? What should you look for if you’re looking for a dog? This is a highly shareable type of story that could also enhance your social media efforts as your community weighs in on what they see and hear. 

DIGITAL HEROIN - Maybe there’s just a fine line between being hooked on opioids and being hooked on your digital devices. Gaming is exploding, so are esports so what are the clinical signs of screen addiction? Help your audience get out ahead of it so their kids don’t follow in their addicted footsteps.  

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Hot Clips: August 2018

It's all about the Apps for our August Hot Clips as we move into Back-to-School mode, reminding people that we can serve them anywhere as they reignite their Fall routines...

Mini-Mornings (WWBT, Richmond): how this station's app is driven by expertise and familiar faces

Why You Need Our App (WSFA, Montgomery): no reason to be shy about how our App helped you today

App New Video Posted (KWCH, Wichita): explaining that we're constantly updating our App

The News Doesn't End (WINK, Ft Myers): the show may end, but the details keep flowing digitally

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Hot Clips: July 2018

From satellites to amazing in-studio technology and voice assistants, this month's set of Hot Clips brings out the best in super-sensory storytelling...

Alexa, Open Westworld (HBO): let the promo do the talking when it comes to interacting with your in-home voice assistant.

Augmented Tornado (The Weather Channel): the most impressive use of in-studio augmented reality we've seen to date.

The Green Is Gone (KGO, San Francisco): a quick satellite comparison showing the very clear fire threat in California.

Golf Ball Sized Hail (KDVR, Denver): a live shot prop that fits the story to a tee.

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10 TSRs - July 2018

1. How Safe is my Son? -  As kids get geared up to re-start school and sports programs there are an increasing amount of red flags concerning concussions and football helmets. Riddell, one of the largest helmet manufacturers in America, can’t even find a buyer because of the concussion issue. So, why allow your child to play at all? How safe are those helmets? Provide your audience with an audit of all the major school districts and what kind of helmets they are using. The attached list itemizes the three best football helmets aimed at reducing concussions so you can see if your school districts and peewee leagues are keeping safety as the primary focus.

2. The Eyes Have It - Before summer ends give the parents in your audience a few simple things to think about to keep their kids safe at the pool, on the field or just having fun. This one is a quick way to put together a July story with strong impact. 

3. How Stark is your Park? -  Ever wonder why your neighborhood park just isn’t like it was when you were growing up? The ball diamond is hardly playable, the tennis courts are full of cracks, the drainage always causes flooding, the retaining walls don’t retain – and the list goes on. In many communities decades of budget cuts and construction delays have led to a growing crisis in America’s parks. Get the ball rolling in your market with a user generated campaign where your audience sends in its thoughts, pictures and videos on which parks need the most attention. Find out how long it’s been since your parks have had a major upgrade - 25, 50, 75 years?

4. Robo Revenge - Sick and tired of those robo calls? Many times these are beyond annoying - they are scams waiting to happen. But, now there are apps for that Robo Killer, NoMoRobo and Mr. Number.  Do they work - have several of your most influential audience social media contributors give them a try. Could make for some interesting feedback in a Facebook Live too as others provide other remedies, alert you to scams or are already using a third party app and want to weigh in. Leave your audience empowered with these five ways to try to block robo calls. 

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