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Win Weather on All Screens - Checklist

We all know how weather is a critical part of our success in local TV news and increasingly a key ingredient in the information we offer in social and mobile. As we start 2015, we should ask ourselves if we have reviewed our three screen weather recently for how well we living up to our promises of urgency and impact that we keep in our on air news stories. If we have made a commitment to bringing the viewer the most up to the minute, live, and impactful information in the lead story, the same effort should be made with weather, which one can argue, is a never ending local breaking news story on all screens.

A check list can help the team discuss what we will do together to win weather on all screens. This series of questions are meant to help focus everyone…producer, anchor, weather, director, social media manager and digital producer… It is not just for the weather to create all this value…it is the station team.

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Super Bowl Three-Screen Checklist - NBC Stations

NBC stations this year can realize the potential of the Super Bowl as a multiple day event that will take place on all screens. There are limits on the ways a station can use the logo of the NFL, Super Bowl and the teams but that doesn’t mean an aggressive NBC station can’t turn a game into a five day win for the station starting on the Thursday before the game begins. This three-screen checklist can remind us of the stories we can tell across multiple platforms with the goal of raising the station’s reputation for big story ownership, connecting with hard-to-reach men, giving a push to a station priority (using the biggest audience of the year), and the chance to bring people to our newscasts each day including the Monday after the big game.

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