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Climate Change Adds to Impact of Hurricane Florence

As the effects of Hurricane Florence continue to be felt in the Carolinas, SmithGeiger asked Climate Central to write an article on how and why Hurricane Florence was such a different rain-maker. Climate Central is an independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public. They provide resources for journalists covering weather and the environment. We hope you find value in reading this article and in using their work to supplement your storytelling. A lot of their material makes for great digital content with plenty of social opportunities.

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Hurricane Florence: Lessons Learned

The past week has been a harrowing time for many local broadcasters and the communities they serve. Preparing for Hurricane Florence paid off for many SmithGeiger clients all across the East Coast. The lessons they learned (and will learn over the coming days) are worth review. If your station covers Hurricanes, Tornadic Weather, Wildfires, Flooding, Blizzards, or Ice Storms, we think you can find value in reviewing the following with your Weather, News, Digital, & Marketing teams.

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Hot Clips: October 2017

Our latest set of Hot Clips starts with the initial coverage of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, and includes some updated Hurricane Irma Images and POP spots...

Vegas Shooting ND Phoner (KTNV, Las Vegas): the ABC-affiliate News Director, also a former reporter, calls-in to set up the scene while heading to the station

Wall of Victims (WWBT, Richmond): using the giant video wall to remember the Vegas shooting victims during a 6am show open

Irma Neighbors (WPTV, West Palm): using their ongoing This Is Home campaign to showcase how their South Florida community came together during Hurricane Irma

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In Irma’s Path: Top Takeaways from a Fort Myers ND

WINK TV’s veteran news director Tom Doerr and his team planned many days out to cover all the anticipated eventualities. Top of mind in all of their planning was safety and the lives of his staff. Here are Tom’s top takeaways:


- Stress safety first at all times. Look out for each other!

- Make sure field crews have a safe place to shield themselves at the height of the hurricane.

- Have an emergency fall-back location if primary fails.

- Take care of all your equipment by protecting it from the elements. That includes transportation. The best place for news cars is concrete parking structures at least one story high. Park microwave and sat trucks in locations that block the wind. Large buildings are best.

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Hurricane Hot Clips: September 2017

As our team monitored various news organizations covering the storms and subequent damage, we collected several clips to help feed your future planning when it comes to big story showcasing and storytelling...

Thanks Phil (WSVN, Miami): an Irma Proof-of-Performance thanking their met

Post Hurricane Live Drive (WFTX, Fort Myers): using a station vehicle for a live tour

Met Describes Roof Damage (WINK, Fort Myers): meteorologist explains the sounds, and risks

Going Off Script for Video (WINK, Fort Myers): anchor goes off script to describe hurricane video

Anchors and Radar Background (WINK, Fort Myers): anchors story-tell about live radar on set behind them

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Hurricane & Storm Storytelling Examples

There are many different facets of a hurricane for a local news station to cover in order to keep viewers informed and safe before, during, and after a hurricane. SmithGeiger has compiled a set of examples that showcase impactful hurricane coverage both on-air and through social media.

City specific…

Close up of the track…

Slice the storm…

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15 Things We Learned from Irma and Harvey

Our hearts and thoughts are with our friends and partners who work to recover and rebuild from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. And as our SmithGeiger team worked with stations in the path of these two massive storms, we gathered several takeaways that can help you plan for the next one...

1. TV is still very-much alive, especially when death and destruction might be on the horizon. Television still saw the majority of eyeballs during these events.

2. But the App and web were critical lifelines once power and evacuations became an issue. Stations saw huge bursts of App downloads prior to the storms, assuming they were properly and regularly teased in newscasts.

3. Where can I watch? It wasn't always 100% clear where we could watch the live stream, either on the web or App. Be sure this is super-obvious.

4. The Weather Channel is still a dominant source. This means we must always be conveying the power of our local brands and expertise.

5. Hurricanes are obviously still very hard to forecast. And it's easy for the local mets to get blamed for strength and track changes. This is why it's important to always be reminding the consumer that "we're giving you the first look at potential impact - the moment this changes, you'll be the first to know."

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