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Brand Marketing in a Multi-Platform World

Have you ever had it happen to you? You bump into the same person over and over again in the same week or month. Sometimes it’s a friend you really enjoy seeing. Maybe it’s a person you don’t know but you recognize them from the local grocery store. Or perhaps you keep bumping into somebody you really don’t like.

As marketers in a multi-platform world, your job is to get people to “bump into” your product/brand over and over on many different platforms, hopefully in a short period of time. Reach & Frequency targets for local TV ads have changed as viewers’ habits on watching TV has changed. TV advertising is still very powerful and can create an emotionally connective experience where we get viewers to feel something while they learn something. To get that broad audience (Reach) and get your message heard over and over (Frequency) you need to blend in the advantages of social & digital platforms. We need to do this in branding our local TV news image and quite frankly we need to sell local advertisers on this concept as well!

Before reading on, let’s be clear about the use of the word “brand”. Your brand is not your positioning statement or slogan. Your brand is the “top of mind thoughts” people have about your product. Your positioning statement (slogan) should move people to the brand you are trying to achieve.

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To Produce for Multiple Platforms, Start by Listening

I had the honor of speaking on a panel at the NABJ Conference in New Orleans recently about producing for a multi-platform environment. Here is a quick hit of what I had to offer:

The most important step in producing in this era is actually not producing, but listening. You know the saying that to be a good writer you have to read a lot? Well, in order to be a good producer today, you have to consume a lot. Be smart about what you’re consuming and take note of why it’s resonating — or why it’s not. It’s also important to expose yourself to engaging content outside of the news echo chamber on today’s popular platforms; YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Have you heard of the term “Social listening”? Type that into Google and go to school. Newsrooms use it much differently than brands, as the goal is not so much to find out what people are saying about you – although that can be insightful – but what are people talking about in your community. What content should you produce that is going to resonate with your audience? You don’t have to guess any more. Now there are tools that can tell you.

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