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Climate Change Adds to Impact of Hurricane Florence

As the effects of Hurricane Florence continue to be felt in the Carolinas, SmithGeiger asked Climate Central to write an article on how and why Hurricane Florence was such a different rain-maker. Climate Central is an independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public. They provide resources for journalists covering weather and the environment. We hope you find value in reading this article and in using their work to supplement your storytelling. A lot of their material makes for great digital content with plenty of social opportunities.

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The Rise of Instagram

Instagram’s explosive growth has led many newsrooms to wonder what is the effort that they should make with this image sharing social platform.   The fundamental question: is it worth dedicating resources to maintaining a strong and consistent presence on this social media platform vs. other platforms that generate website visits?  Given that Instagram acts as a walled garden and doesn’t offer a direct link to other newsroom properties, many news organizations have shied away from making Instagram a big effort.   

SmithGeiger has dedicated significant resources to understanding this new world of “visual social” and how Instagram can help your team grow your reach, reputation, ratings and revenue.  

The Basics
The platform was one of many photo sharing applications created in 2010.  The elegance of the design elevated the appeal of Instagram which lead to the purchase by Facebook for a billion dollars.  Since the very first days the platform has been a favorite of teens and millennials (although the mobile first experience has widened its appeal considerably) with engagement with millions of images and billions of likes every day.  Four hundred million users gives Instagram an international audience that includes many mobile consumers in your market.

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