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User-Generated Dominance

Years from now we may all be remembering where we were August 21, 2017 for the Great American Eclipse. For those who live smack dab in the path or within driving distance this may also be remembered as the biggest day in UGC history to date. Outside of the gaggle of local and national media covering this there will be millions of people who will simultaneously send up their drones, fire up their 360 capabilities, record a video, Facetime it or just simply shoot it from their mobile devices.

Capture that magic right now! Choreograph a multi-platform plan to get a dedicated UGC militia- Eclipse watchers working for you. To get you started:

Facebook Live - Schedule a number of these in the coming days which will not only answer people’s questions about everything from how to get there, to best places to stay, to of course the eye safety angle. Make your real motive for doing these to be about acquiring UGC. Be bold and overt and ask people who are going for UGC and to share how they will be recording the moment. Your aim is to get immediate access to their footage and their reaction. Remember: there are infinitely more of them than there are of you. In addition to liking all your commenters message, find those who can be your Eclipse watchers and sign ‘em up! Consider traveling with them to observe through their eyes.

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