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Hot Clips: October 2018

Our October Hot Clips show-off a slick web layout, social whip-around, and a fire-powered start to an evening newscast...

PrePro Power (WBRC, Birmingham): using a bit of pre-production to add some visual energy to the top of a 6pm show

On Scene (ABC News): a series of digital "whips" from reporters, featured on the Facebook Watch platform

Fueling Traffic (WINK, Ft. Myers): embedding a gas price mention into a local traffic report

One Nation, Divisible (Wall Street Journal): a compelling web layout, and striking article about major social shifts in small vs. big cities

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Florence Hot Clips: September 2018

Need some inspiration covering your next severe weather event? Our September Hot Clips showcase various newscast opens from stations in and out of the path of Hurricane Florence...

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Hot Clips: August 2018

It's all about the Apps for our August Hot Clips as we move into Back-to-School mode, reminding people that we can serve them anywhere as they reignite their Fall routines...

Mini-Mornings (WWBT, Richmond): how this station's app is driven by expertise and familiar faces

Why You Need Our App (WSFA, Montgomery): no reason to be shy about how our App helped you today

App New Video Posted (KWCH, Wichita): explaining that we're constantly updating our App

The News Doesn't End (WINK, Ft Myers): the show may end, but the details keep flowing digitally

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Hot Clips: July 2018

From satellites to amazing in-studio technology and voice assistants, this month's set of Hot Clips brings out the best in super-sensory storytelling...

Alexa, Open Westworld (HBO): let the promo do the talking when it comes to interacting with your in-home voice assistant.

Augmented Tornado (The Weather Channel): the most impressive use of in-studio augmented reality we've seen to date.

The Green Is Gone (KGO, San Francisco): a quick satellite comparison showing the very clear fire threat in California.

Golf Ball Sized Hail (KDVR, Denver): a live shot prop that fits the story to a tee.

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Hot Clips: June 2018

The unofficial start to summer brings some sizzling Hot Clips from around the country...

Social Positive Promotable (WFTV, Orlando): using great video, audio, titles, and a happy ending to surface this shareable and watchable story

Straightforward (ABC): "no bull, no spin. Just give it to me straight" is the new sell from ABC News in this promo

Dual Monitor Toss (WINK, Ft. Myers): two anchors, setting-up and tossing to a live shot using big, bold dual monitors

Weather Hit, All 7-Day (KDVR, Denver): an entire weather hit based around the 7-day forecast

AM All-Platform Proof (KOLD, Tucson): proof of performance spot showcasing breaking news and weather on all platforms

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Hot Clips: May 2018

Our May Hot Clips focus on showcasing, everything from your App to headlines, a sense of new, traffic, and even that big video wall...

Big Board Beauty (GMA): making use of every inch of the video wall to showcase and set-up two big stories

In-Show App Sell (WTOL, Toledo): instead of ending the AM newscast, they toss to their App by selling specific content on it

See Through the Fog (KABC Los Angeles): using the latest and greatest chopper technology to show traffic through the clouds

Selling All-New in a Tease (KGTV, San Diego): yes it's 6:20a, but no, we're not out of news yet

Film Strip Headlines (WMBF, Myrtle Beach): a different way to showcase your menu of stories off the top of a newscast

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Hot Clips: April 2018

Our latest batch of Hot Clips features a school principal, some very effective still pics, and a monitor wall worth watching...

Monitor Magic (KNXV, Phoenix): using the big monitor wall to help showcase nationwide coverage of a story

Who Needs Video? (KGO, San Francisco): using nothing but still photos to best tell and show the emotion of this event

Morning Digital-Hybrid Proof (KOLD, Tucson): making the digital platforms top of mind in this Proof of Performance AM spot

Weather Principal (WFTV, Orlando): a school-based testimonial on the value of trust and calm as the storm approaches

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Hot Clips: March 2018

March brings late-winter storms and springing-ahead as part of our latest set of Hot Clips...

Boston Blizzard (WCVB, Boston): having some fun with storm fatigue in New England in these Facebook clips - example 1 and example 2

Big Board Weather (Today Show, NBC): using the monitor walls to help organize and tell the big weather story

Traffic Second-Guessing (WFTS, Tampa): why a traffic anchor shouldn't always believe the latest road reports

See Me First (WXIX, Cincinnati): combating Facebook's latest changes, here's a social video showing users how to "See These Posts First"

Don't Make Fun of Us! (WPTV, West Palm): a social video that pridefully discounts a survey calling this state the worst in the nation

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Hot Clips: January 2018

The New Year brings a half-dozen new Hot Clips from around the country, including a trio of weather examples...

School Closings Hot Spots  (WTOL, Toledo): pinpointing specific weather issues around certain schools, with a nice digital reference

No-Hype Weather (WJLA, Washington DC): emphasizing weather accuracy and tone vs. sensation

Chapstick Needed (KGTV, San Diego): using consumer-focused language to help you plan your day

AM Facebook Promo (WUSA, Washington DC): a casual, off-set social media spot showcasing a new morning show

Concise Tease (World News Tonight): who says a tease needs video, or length?

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Hot Clips: December 2017

Our last set of Hot Clips for 2017 tackles the winter, with everything from snowy newscast starts to catchy all-platform promos...

Holiday OTT Promo (WXYZ, Detroit): as new devices get unwrapped for the holidays, here's a seasonal spot reminding users what to download

Don't Leave, Dad (Google): using emotion, and a snow storm, to elevate a key feature on this device

Thunder Truck (KXAS, Dallas): last month we featured the Weather Beast, but this spot takes the weather vehicle game to another level

Snow Drone (WBRC, Birmingham): deploying a drone in a newscast open to showcase a rare snow event in this market

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