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Process Journalism: A Key to Success/Survival

In an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of News Consumers in a fast-paced, high-tech world, Local TV News (among others) has embraced a different kind of Journalism. The first use of the term “Process Journalism” is credited to Jeff Jarvis a former newspaper journalist turned professor in New York.

The terms Process Storytelling and Process Journalism are often confused. They have very different origins and very different definitions:

  1. Process Storytelling: Used for years (pre-internet) to describe the practice of reporters writing more about the details of a meeting than the story viewers would find impactful. Reporters diving into this kind of process storytelling interview officials as the key sources instead of hearing from “real people” affected by the content of the meeting.
  2. Process Journalism: Phrase made common by digital journalists. It refers to telling the story as it happens; not necessarily waiting for “a complete” story. For Local TV journalists, Process Journalism will span different platforms. The storytelling may start in the social space, move to a dot-com page and on to TV. Process Journalism can be thought of as “News in Real Time”.

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