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Super Bowl 2017 Coverage Strategies for Non-Game Carrying Stations

If you don’t have the Super Bowl, what options do you have against such a ratings juggernaut?  You can attack the day by being fully aware of the opportunities that the game gives any content creator.

Ignore or Attack
Your team can decide if you are simply going to ignore this planned breaking news event that is of such a magnitude, it changes the spending patterns and the waistlines of many of your viewers, or you can decide how to be part of the coverage and conversations and attack across all screens.  There are three phases that your team can compete around.  

Obviously, if your team is in the Super Bowl your planning will operate on a magnitude not spoken to in this document.  For ideas on how to cover your local NFL team if you are not carrying the game, speak to your SmithGeiger consultant. 

Before The Game
The lead up to the game is a weeklong plus set of breaking news stories.  You can use them to enhance the reputation of your station for owning breaking news and for your sports talent being the leading sports voices in your region.  You can also position yourself as the local breaking news leader in general and in particular with weather should that be a factor in your area in the hours leading up to the game.   If there is any weather in the region, be aware of the opportunities to do a live news cut in on air and on social/digital since the station carrying the pre-game will be reluctant to break in all day due to the advertising dollars that could be lost.  Attack by staffing so that you can do extended local news cut-ins if local breaking news or weather merits it.

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Super Bowl 2017 Coverate Strategies for FOX Affiliates

For Fox stations, the Super Bowl is a rare opportunity to create an a multiple day broadcast event.  Instead of thinking of the game as a several hours of programming from Fox on their air, leading Fox stations take the opportunity to create an experience that demands viewers watch and participate in the days leading up to and during the game an event that feels very much like the station is presenting the Super Bowl.

Super Reach
Think of the game as a chance to have a Super Reach of your station on all platforms over the course of a week.  Having the digital and social team join the conversation now can make sure that they have an hour by hour and minute by minute schedule for the game on all platforms.  We can grow your ratings but also your reach on social media and the reach of your website and apps if they are fully integrated into the experience we are offering the viewers.

Super Engagement
We should never assume that people will watch the game.  If the season so far has demonstrated one concern, it is that even live NFL games increasingly have to compete against other media on other platforms.  To have full engagement with the broadcast and tune in by even the most casual fan, we need to speak to three phases of engagement that we would like to create:

Anticipation:  Content on all screens that builds up interest in the teams, the players, the coaches and the cities involved in the big game.

Participation:  Content that is built in advance but is flexible enough to be posted as the national anthem is sung, as the fly over occurs,  game begins, during key plays, big scores, half time, trending topics, and the game ending.

Congratulation:  Content that is ready to go for the winning team, coach, MVP and others who had success during this game.  Your station can be part of the happy feelings of those whose favorite team won the game.

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Winning Super Bowl 50 On All Screens

Winning Super Bowl 50 On All Screens

“We are putting the full weight of the company behind everything surrounding the game” Les Moonves

With the Super Bowl returning to CBS, as Mr. Moonves indicated in the above quote, a full team effort is underway. Starting Monday February 1st, CBS has announced it will have around the clock coverage of the Super Bowl on all CBS platforms from on air radio and TV to cable and digital.

The Super Bowl can also be an important opportunity for CBS stations to grow their audiences during this same time period and beyond.

There are three ambitions that a concrete three screen Super Bowl plan can help a station achieve:

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Super Bowl Three-Screen Checklist - NBC Stations

NBC stations this year can realize the potential of the Super Bowl as a multiple day event that will take place on all screens. There are limits on the ways a station can use the logo of the NFL, Super Bowl and the teams but that doesn’t mean an aggressive NBC station can’t turn a game into a five day win for the station starting on the Thursday before the game begins. This three-screen checklist can remind us of the stories we can tell across multiple platforms with the goal of raising the station’s reputation for big story ownership, connecting with hard-to-reach men, giving a push to a station priority (using the biggest audience of the year), and the chance to bring people to our newscasts each day including the Monday after the big game.

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