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5 Takeaways from ONA

Here are five takeaways from the 2018 Online News Association annual conference in Austin, Sept. 13-15. I’ve been to 14 of the 19 conferences held since the organization formed in 2000 and I am already looking forward to the 20th edition next year in New Orleans.

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Hurricane Florence: Lessons Learned

The past week has been a harrowing time for many local broadcasters and the communities they serve. Preparing for Hurricane Florence paid off for many SmithGeiger clients all across the East Coast. The lessons they learned (and will learn over the coming days) are worth review. If your station covers Hurricanes, Tornadic Weather, Wildfires, Flooding, Blizzards, or Ice Storms, we think you can find value in reviewing the following with your Weather, News, Digital, & Marketing teams.

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Top 10 App Download Keys

1. Do a paid Facebook app download campaign.
2. Mention your weather app virtues specific to hurricane related needs. This could be weather content or hurricane prep content that you have.
3. Drive the app as being powered by your team of hurricane experts. Give them specific roles they have in supporting the app experience.
4. Give mets time in the newscasts to talk about the app. Consider creating short packages/long bumps that weather team members can reference.
5. Have the apps specifically mentioned in ALL hurricane related content.
6. Encourage your staff to say they have the app and are using it right now.
7. Do more promos on air, making sure it isn’t a generic app download campaign.
8. Tell the audience that hundreds or thousands have downloaded the app to have the very latest on the tracks of storms headed our way.
9. Proof your apps in newscasts and weather including any push notifications. Mention how you are going to have this capability to warn during a hurricane.
10. Track your app downloads and talk about the focus, the different responsibilities, and the reviews you are getting each day in the AM editorial meetings.

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10 Tools Every Journalist Needs in 2017

here's no question we're asking reporters, photographers, anchors and producers to do more during the news gathering process. We're also asking them to connect with viewers more frequently on social and digital media. If they don't streamline the process or take advantage of tools that can make these tasks more manageable, the additional work can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be.

Here is a list of tools and apps for your team to make not just mobile storytelling easier, but also their entire workflow more efficient.

Adobe Spark – this free tool helps you create graphics, web stories and animated videos quickly. The app also offers story templates to make this process quicker.

Awesome Voice Recorder – this app has multiple uses. It allows you to record interview audio on your smartphone, which is helpful for logging interviews. It also allows you to record voiceover audio. If you need to send something back to the station, this produces broadcast-quality audio.

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Is Your Team Struggling On Social? Here Are 3 Simple Strategies For Posting Content On Social Media

The question of “What should I share on Facebook & Twitter” is a conversation reporters, anchors, producers and photographers in newsrooms across the country are having…right now. 

Yes, in 2016 we’re all still struggling with what to post on social media.

It’s understandable. Some anchors and reporters don’t want to reveal too much personal information online. While some, who are confined to newsrooms all day and aren’t in the field, feel they don’t have the opportunity to deliver a ton of topical, breaking news-type content. 

Plainly put: they get stuck. Consider it the social media version of writer’s block.

Your anchors and reporters can absolutely create compelling and engaging (emphasis on engaging) posts on social media. Here are effective ways to accomplish that. 

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